Capertown Cops

Capertown Cops

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Storyline: Welcome to the Capertown, a toony, coastal city with an oldfashioned feel, all owned and neglected by Mayor Kicback. This fany show will focus on the endless antics of Koko Loko, a dippy deputy who likes to flirt: Tattles, a pintsized pantomiming cop: and a hulking mass named Knucklehead. Their child-like Marx Brothers style of mischief is always at odds with their stuffy, by the book boss. Chief Donuts, who is so inept that he is usually unconsciously helping the town’s crooks and the bad guy get away. Join our quartet of goodhearted misfits, their madcap capers in Capertown and their efforts to keep Mayor Kickback and his slimy District Attorney, Nolo Komprende, from their dishonest ways.

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